Commentary Submission Guidelines

Oklahoma Voice welcomes and accepts original commentary specific to issues and policies that affect Oklahoma. Preference goes to timely topics of interest to Oklahoma. Oklahoma Voice reserves the right to edit for clarity and style.  


  • Maximum length is 750 words. 
  • We accept original, previously unpublished commentary specific to issues and policies that affect Oklahoma.
  • Name, full address and phone number are required (address and phone number are not for publication).
  • Provide a brief biographical description of the author, including the author’s hometown, and a headshot of the author. 
  • Oklahoma Voice does not publish anonymous commentaries. 
  • Commentaries are not accepted from anyone who currently holds or is campaigning for public office.
  • Name-calling and personal attacks are not acceptable. 
  • Submissions must be sent by email to [email protected] with “commentary” in the subject line. Include the text of the commentary in the body of the email, not only in an attachment.
  • Facts or assertions that some readers might be expected to dispute should be accompanied by a source citation, such as by a link or by stating the source in plain language as part of the text. 
  • Commentaries must be signed by at least one individual. The Oklahoma Voice does not accept pieces signed by an organization. 
  • Oklahoma Voice does not publish candidate endorsements. Nor do we endorse ballot measures.
  • Oklahoma Voice discourages open letters or commentaries that address an individual, institution or group. 
  • Oklahoma Voice will not publish any commentary that contains a call to action. Examples of that include: telling readers to contact officials; calls to protest; or suggestions to vote a certain way at the ballot box.
  • Commentary writers are expected to have written all their own content, unless it’s quoted directly and attributed in the text.

There are basic journalistic ethics that commentary writers should observe, even in the realm of opinion:

  • Do not accept gifts in the process of conceiving, writing and publishing your guest commentary from potential interested parties.
  • If you are representing the Oklahoma Voice, please be respectful and truthful as you interact with the public while writing your guest commentary. (For instance, if you call a spokesperson for a comment.)
  • Be transparent: Please disclose any relationship you have with the subject of your guest commentary. For instance, if you are a lobbyist on an issue, or have some financial interest in an issue, this must be disclosed. We will disclose it to our readers.

Questions may be addressed to Editor Janelle Stecklein at [email protected]