Election 2024

DeSantis and Newsom clash in TV debate, charging each other with lies and bullying

BY: - December 1, 2023

Ron DeSantis of Florida and Gavin Newsom from California, two of the nation’s most well-known governors who sit on opposite sides of the ideological spectrum, engaged in a fiery 90-minute debate on Thursday night from Alpharetta, Georgia, which was broadcast live on the Fox News Channel. The stakes were undoubtedly higher for DeSantis, 45, who […]

ACLU launches effort to inform Kansans with felony records of their voting rights

BY: - November 27, 2023

TOPEKA — A leading Kansas civil rights organization says an estimated 30,000 people living in the state should be informed they have the right to vote. The American Civil Liberties Union of Kansas launched a campaign to reach out to Kansans with felony records and encourage them to register to vote and to participate in […]

Courts, state officials hesitate to keep Trump off 2024 ballots

BY: - November 27, 2023

Some scholars say a little-known, Civil War-era provision in the U.S. Constitution should prohibit former President Donald Trump from appearing on state ballots in next year’s presidential election. But it seems increasingly unlikely that he will be disqualified. Courts in Colorado, Michigan, New Jersey and elsewhere are considering whether Trump engaged in insurrection on Jan. […]

Ohio voted on abortion. Next year, 11 more states might too.

BY: - November 17, 2023

This story was produced by KFF Health News. UNIVERSITY CITY, Mo. — As activists parse the results of last Tuesday’s vote to protect abortion rights in Ohio, Jamie Corley is already well on her way to putting a similar measure in front of Missouri voters next year. Corley, a former Republican congressional staffer, filed not […]

Every member of Congress was asked about child care policy. Only 5 Republicans responded

BY: - November 13, 2023

In September, when billions of dollars in child care funding were about to expire, a Senate subcommittee convened to discuss solutions. It was there that Sen. John Kennedy laid out the partisan tension at the heart of what’s billed as a bipartisan issue. He agreed that child care was an investment in the current and […]

Wednesday’s GOP presidential debate in Miami will showcase a dwindling group of contenders

BY: - November 8, 2023

Just five presidential candidates will take the stage Wednesday night in Miami for the third Republican presidential debate, and once again, front-runner Donald Trump will not be among them. The Republican National Committee announced Monday night that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, tech entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy, South Carolina U.S. Sen. […]

Ryan Walters endorses Donald Trump, plans to join his reelection team

BY: - November 1, 2023

OKLAHOMA CITY — Oklahoma’s top education official has endorsed former President Donald Trump for reelection, a split from Gov. Kevin Stitt’s choice for the Republican nominee. State Superintendent Ryan Walters said on Wednesday he received a call from Trump this week and would join the former president’s reelection team. “I fully stand behind President Trump, […]

States that send a mail ballot to every voter really do increase turnout, scholars find

BY: - October 15, 2023

Lately, a rough consensus has emerged among people who study the impact of voting policies: Though they often spark fierce partisan fighting, most changes to voting laws do little to affect overall turnout, much less election results. But one fast-growing reform appears to stand out as an exception. When every registered voter gets sent a […]


Opinion: U.S. dreads a Trump-Biden rematch. Lincoln Project co-founder says we should face reality.

BY: - October 4, 2023

Everyday folks don’t want to think about it because it makes them uncomfortable and sad. National news media types don’t want to think about it because they have stories to write throughout the next year. The truth is, however, barring a bolt from the blue, next year’s U.S. presidential election will feature Democratic incumbent Joe […]

Republican women choose Trump as top presidential pick in OKC convention poll

BY: - October 2, 2023

OKLAHOMA CITY — Donald Trump was the most popular choice to become the Republican Party’s 2024 presidential nominee, according to the results of a straw poll of GOP women released Monday. Over half of the National Federation of Republican Women convention-goers polled said Trump had their support. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who was endorsed by […]

Republican women’s group focuses on engaging Generation Z voters

BY: - September 30, 2023

OKLAHOMA CITY — Interested in equipping Republicans with tools to better reach Generation Z voters, the National Federation of Republican Women focused Saturday on strategies to galvanize  youth engagement. The workshop was one of the breakout sessions during the GOP group’s three-day 42nd Biennial Convention. The workshop focused on ways to boost youth involvement in both […]

Republican women converge in Oklahoma City to talk policy, candidates at convention

BY: - September 29, 2023

OKLAHOMA CITY — Conservative women from across the nation hugged, laughed and huddled together as they talked about national policy during the National Federation of Republican Women’s biennial convention. The three-day event, which kicked off Friday, drew over 1,000 women from across the country. They gathered to network, to train for future leadership roles, and, […]