Jillian Taylor

Jillian Taylor

Jillian Taylor has been StateImpact Oklahoma's health reporter since August 2023.

Ransomware attacks force Oklahoma hospitals to divert emergency room patients

By: - November 29, 2023

Oklahoma is among six states experiencing a temporary disruption to some hospital services after a ransomware attack against Ardent Health Services, a health care company based in Nashville. Ardent operates 30 hospitals, including those under Oklahoma’s Hillcrest HealthCare System. It’s investigating a ransomware attack it experienced on Nov. 23, and, according to a news release, […]

Oklahoma doesn’t mandate sex ed, so some churches are trying to fill the gaps

By: - November 9, 2023

Margo Starr grew up going to All Souls Unitarian Church in Tulsa. When she was in middle school, the church offered classes on Sunday afternoons, and one of them was a sex education course. Her friends signed up for it and, in classic middle school fashion, she joined in on what her friends were doing. […]